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GoPro User Tests the SeaLife Micro HD

With all of the hype surrounding SeaLife’s new Micro HD underwater cameras, they sure had a lot to live up to. Here in the store we’ve been receiving brochures and reading articles in all of the dive magazines non-stop for the past few months, all highlighting and reviewing the new cameras. So as you can imagine, when we finally received our first shipment, we were all excited to get our hands on them. The main idea I kept on hearing […]

Why I Chose to Dive Dry

Living in Wisconsin, it’s no surprise that diving can get pretty chilly. But I wasn’t about to let cool water stop me from diving. For many years I managed to get by with a 7mm full wetsuit and layering a 7mm hooded vest on those really cold dives. This was a less expensive option than buying a dry suit, but I knew from the start that diving dry was what I wanted to do. This led me to the decision […]