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Holly Geraldson is the Media Specialist at Aquatic Adventures in Brookfield, Wisconsin. She's spent time traveling to Hawaii, Germany, and the Australian Outback.

Advanced Open Water

A few weeks ago I began my Advanced Open Water certification. Jerry, my Open Water instructor, was my instructor again for Advanced Open Water. My classmates were three guys, and my dive buddy was a guy who had only been diving in warm tropical water before. He thought seeing a wreck on Lake Michigan would be exciting, but he wasn’t thrilled about going to Pearl Lake in Illinois for some of our dives because he thought it would be boring. […]

Beginning Scuba – Part 5

After a lot of help from Jenny and Ben, two of Aquatic Adventures’ instructors, I was able to complete the pool training for my Open Water certification. I took a lot longer than the one weekend most people complete pool training in, but that was okay since I began the class in February and I couldn’t do my check out dives until the lakes thawed out. Jerry, my instructor, would not take me to Pearl Lake, where we did the check […]

Beginning Scuba – Part 4

Week 5 of my Beginning scuba class was at the pool again. In my rush to be on time, I forgot my boots and contacts. Since I can’t wear my mask over my glasses and I can’t see without corrective lenses, Jerry, my instructor, sent me back home to get my boots and contacts and called another instructor, Jenny, to come and catch me up when I got back. I arrived back at the pool before Jenny got there, so […]

Beginning Scuba – Part 3

When I got to Aquatic Adventures for my third Beginning Scuba class, most of my classmates were already there deciding which equipment to buy. Everyone wanted to get their own mask, snorkel and fins. My coworker, Thomas, is adamant that scuba is not a fashion show, but all of the girls in my class (including me) disagreed. We have to look good for the fish! I went with blue and white, getting an X-Vision Liquidskin mask, X-Stream fins, and an […]