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Jeni Herbert recently became a certified diver to explore the underwater world and keep up with her scuba-loving husband and son. She can be found at Aquatic Adventures, Inc. where she writes, helps customers, and checks out the newest scuba gear.

Why the PADI Rescue Diver Class is so Important

He was 30 feet down under water…he was out of air and his mask was half full of water.  He signaled to his dive buddy “out of air” as he struggled to open the valve on the pony bottle of air.  His buddy pushed the pony bottle regulator into his mouth but kept his hand over the purge button.  He had no air left in his lungs to clear the regulator and could not access the purge button.  His eyes went wide, his lungs began to burn, panic was setting in…what happens now?* Having recently taken the PADI […]