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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Shark?

With dive season in full, summertime mode, I stopped in at my local dive center to pick up a few items for my next dive. Spring was hard on my equipment. After 20 dives in the Caribbean and another 20 at home, I had managed to lose a dive reel, break a fin strap, and crack the frame of my favorite mask. As I talked to the sales person about getting a new mask, another man and his son were […]

So You Can’t Equalize!

I came across an article recently in a PADI newsletter called “When Your Divers Can’t Equalize” that caught my attention. The article opened by pointing out that the majority of calls to DAN’s emergency number are ear related. Although the article was clearly intended for scuba instructors, my ears perked up and my whiskers began to twitch. Maybe finally, someone had written a pragmatic article on how to overcome basic ear issues. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Instead of […]

Why I will never buy from Leisure Pro

One of my saddest days of diving was the day I walked into my favorite dive center and learned that the store manager had quit to go to work for a local bank. I was devastated. Not only was he a great store manager, but he had been my instructor and mentor as I developed as a young diver. I felt like I had lost my best friend. That night I called up my former instructor to find out what […]

Why I Hate Warm Water Weenies

Ever hear a diver brag, “I only dive warm water” as though it is a badge of honor? I’m not sure why, but every time I hear that line I want to put some chum in the person’s BCD for the next shark dive. I guess it’s because these people seem to think that they are better than the rest of us for being particular about where they dive. But mostly, I despise how they try to cheat other divers […]