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Moose Lake Dive Site Review

Moose Lake – Dive Site Review

Moose Lake is an 83 acre lake tucked away in the back woods of Nashotah, just a road away from Okauchee Lake. Public access is from a boat launch off of County Road C. There is limited parking available at the boat launch, so carpooling is a must. (Good thing we all like our dive buddies!) For specific directions, check out our Moose Lake Boat Launch maps page.

Moose Lake is an Aquatic Adventures staff favorite. Not far from the store, Moose Lake is good for a short dive around the island just off the boat launch or a leisurely dive towards the middle of the lake. Visibility can vary depending on the season. Early and late in the dive season expect about 15 to 20 feet of visibility. For most of the season, however, expect 10 to 15 feet.

Low visibility makes this a great lake to practice navigation while the shallow depths make it a perfect spot to hone your buoyancy as the shallows range from 8 to 10 feet deep. Boat traffic around the boat launch tills up “paths” underwater that pave the way through all of the weeds and brush and make it easy to navigate for beginners. Yet, the lake is still deep enough to “off road” if a diver is feeling adventurous.

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Master Scuba Divers

Master Scuba Diver Versus Divemaster

Master Scuba Diver versus Divemaster. Which should you choose?

One of the most common training related questions I hear from experienced scuba divers is, “What is the difference between PADI Master Scuba Diver and PADI Divemaster“?

I’m sure part of the confusion over these ratings relates to how similar their names are. Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster sound similar and even look similar.

In addition, both courses also come at pretty much the same point in the PADI courses flowchart. Following the Rescue Diver course, scuba divers can elect to pursue either Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster. The course requirements are much the same.

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UWM Klotsche Center Pool

A Beginning Scuba Class Checklist for the Savvy Consumer

As Spring approaches, I thought many new or perspective dive students might benefit from an honest looks at some of the pitfalls and dangers that could await them when they sign up for a beginning scuba course. This became apparent to me recently while talking to a friend who signed up his daughter for a scuba course that never resulted in a diving certification.

Let me explain what happened. My friend’s daughter attends a local university and is working on a marine science degree. She wanted to apply for an internship in Hawaii that required at least a beginning scuba certification. Hoping to help his daughter out, my friend arranged for her to take a scuba class through an independent instructor recommended by a coworker.

The first indication of trouble came when the instructor canceled the first class saying that he did not have enough students. He told my friend that the class would be rescheduled for the next month when two other students could attend. When the next month came, the class was postponed another two weeks because the instructor had to work his other job. Six weeks after the original start date, the class finally began.

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Aquatic Adventures Brookfield 2017

Celebrating Another Year – Aquatic Adventures Turns 18

On January 20, 2018, Aquatic Adventures turns 18. Yes, after 18 years in business, our dive center will officially become an adult.

Elm Grove Sales Floor 2001

When Brian Hale, Sally Keppert and I started Aquatic Adventures, we were the new kid on the block. We struggled to become a dealer for companies like Dacor, Mares and Aeris to supply our business. We passed out flyers at every event we could. We took out Yellow Pages ads and advertised in community newspapers. We had only one fulltime employee, and we ran classes with only one instructor on our staff.

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