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Celebrating Another Year – Aquatic Adventures Turns 18

On January 20, 2018, Aquatic Adventures turns 18. Yes, after 18 years in business, our dive center will officially become an adult.

Aquatic Adventures Sales Floor Elm Grove 2001

Elm Grove Sales Floor 2001

When Brian Hale, Sally Keppert and I started Aquatic Adventures, we were the new kid on the block. We struggled to become a dealer for companies like Dacor, Mares and Aeris to supply our business. We passed out flyers at every event we could. We took out Yellow Pages ads and advertised in community newspapers. We had only one fulltime employee, and we ran classes with only one instructor on our staff.

Things have changed since those days. Many of the equipment manufacturers who wouldn’t give us the time of day are no longer in business. Today our advertising is done almost exclusively online. Our ownership has evolved, and our staff has grown.

Aquatic Adventures Sales Floor Brookfield 2018

Brookfield Sales Floor 2018

Yet some things have stayed the same. This month one of our original customers who was certified by our first store manager joined us on our trip to Hawaii. Another customer who I certified in Advanced scuba back in September of 2000, recently brought his kids in to take their beginning scuba class. And of course, some of our original employees like Zach Hochevar continue to work here.

For all of you, customers and employees alike, we want to thank you this month for your commitment to scuba diving and your loyalty to Aquatic Adventures. We are no longer the new kid on the block. This month we are officially an adult. Thanks to you we have survived economic downturns, disorienting changes in technology, and some troubling problems in our industry. Yet we are still year and are still looking forward to an exciting new year under water.

Happy diving in 2018!

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About the Author Jerry Otte

Jerry Otte is the UW-Milwaukee Scuba Coordinator for Aquatic Adventures, Inc. Jerry has run the scuba program with the University since 1997 and has written the curriculum for several of the college credit scuba courses taught at the University. Jerry has certified more than 2000 divers and has been on more than 2500 dives. He is currently certified as a PADI Master Instructor, a rating he earned in 2001. He also holds Instructor ratings in deep technical diving and more than 20 specialties.