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You learned the basic scuba survival skills in your Open Water Diver class. Now you’re ready to explore the underwater world. The Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver course can open up the world of diving for you by giving you training in underwater photography, deep diving, wreck diving, night diving, boat diving, and more. Whether you have just completed your Open Water Diver course or have hundreds of dives, this course can give you the confidence, skills, and experience to explore many new diving activities.

Why take the Advanced Open Water course?

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is an excellent follow-up course to the PADI Open Water Diver course. This class is specifically designed for divers who seek professional instruction in deep diving and navigation or wish to pursue other intermediate and advanced level scuba courses such as the PADI Rescue Diver course.

What will I do in the Advanced Open Water course?

Students complete a total of five adventure dives including a required deep dive (below 60 feet) and navigation dive (compass use). Students are also asked to complete the knowledge reviews for the dives they will do in the Adventures in Diving textbook. Any Adventure dives completed under the supervision of a PADI instructor can be credited toward the five Advanced Open Water dives needed for certification.

Typical course schedule

The typical course scheduled at Aquatic Adventures is a single classroom session during the week followed by weekend of diving where 3 dives are performed at an inland lake (normally Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, and Search & Recovery) on Saturday and 2 dives are performed on Lake Michigan (Wreck and Deep) on Sunday. The selection of dives for the course varies depending on our destination on Lake Michigan or if you take your course on one of our dive vacations. For more information on course schedules, email our training department at

For more information on the benefits of taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course and other specialties, see Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Diver Education.

Course start dates: Visit Aquatic Adventures Online or email our Training Department to request additional dates.
Locations: Aquatic Adventures Inc, Pearl Lake, Lake Michigan, travel locations, more.
Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another agency; logged open water dive within the last 3 months or completion of the PADI Scuba Review course within the last 8 weeks.
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
Books: PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
Required Equipment: See our Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Diver Education

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