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Beyond Master Scuba Diver

Know No Limits by Jerry Otte, PADI Master Instructor In an earlier blog, I explained the difference between Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver. Master Scuba Diver is a non-professional rating that PADI gives to recreational divers who complete five PADI specialties, Rescue Diver and at […]

Master Scuba Diver Versus Divemaster

Master Scuba Diver versus Divemaster. Which should you choose? by Jerry Otte, PADI Master Instructor One of the most common training related questions I hear from experienced scuba divers is, “What is the difference between PADI Master Scuba Diver and PADI Divemaster“? I'm sure part […]

Water Under The Blue Heron Bridge

Blue Heron Bridge by Jerry Otte, PADI Master Instructor When I left chilly Wisconsin for Florida this January, I was excited about the Lemon Shark dives we planned to make out of Jupiter. Unfortunately, when strong winds from the northeast dropped visibility to little more […]

Livin’ It Up On The Aqua Cat

A Trip to Remember by Jerry Otte, PADI Master Instructor SHARK! For some people hearing the cry “Shark!” is probably frightening. For those of us who dived the Aqua Cat this January, the cry of “Shark!” was a jubilant call to come to the deck […]

Padi Elearning And Today’s Dive Training

A Revolution in Scuba Training by Jerry Otte, PADI Master Instructor Today there is a revolution going on in dive training. Instead of spending hours in a classroom, our students now learn the fundaments of scuba through PADI eLearning programs. With eLearning readings and videos […]