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May 8 Covid-19 Training Status Update

Coronavirus JOtte COMMENTS 07 May, 2020

Dear Aquatic Adventures Divers,

If you are a student at Aquatic Adventures or do local diving, there were several developments this week that could impact you. Here they are:

Pearl Lake Opening Delayed

A friend from Pearl Lake contacted me this week and said they are now targeting June 30 for their opening for scuba diving. The previous date was May 15. Concerns with social distancing and managing check-in and check-out have caused the new management to reconsider opening earlier. Aquatic Adventures has extended an offer to trial opening on a limited basis prior to that. We are waiting to hear back.

Alternate Open Water Locations Being Explored

Several of our instructors have been diving some of the lakes close to us that might work for classes. Whether Pearl Lake is available to us or not, prudence and common sense will require significant changes to our standard procedures during this pandemic. Our staff continues to work on developing guidelines that will keep our customers and staff safe.

New PADI Liability Forms and Guidelines

This week we were on several calls with people form PADI. PADI is planning to issue new guidelines for conducing pool and open water training in the next two weeks. They will also be updating either the liability form or the medical form due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a contraindication to scuba diving. All student divers need to understand that if you have had COVID-19, you cannot dive without getting a signoff from a medical doctor. Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) is recommending divers remain out of the water for 2 months if they have suffered a minor case. They recommend 3 months for more serious cases. There is also evidence that some people who have contracted COVID-19 can never be approved to dive due to the risk of AEG. For these reasons, all students returning to training will need to sign new medical forms and waivers.

Weekly Summary

Aquatic Adventures continues to plan for our reopening. We believe our retail operation will open on a limited basis relatively soon. We will ask customers and staff to practice all social distancing and PPE recommendations issued by the CDC when we open. Training will probably start more slowly as there are still concerns with disinfecting equipment and how to practicing social distancing and still ensure diver safety. We expect class sizes to be significantly reduced to protect our customers and staff.

Please take this virus seriously. Your ability to dive depends on it.

Jerry Otte
Executive Director
Aquatic Adventures, Inc.

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