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What You Need to Dive

Here is a checklist of the most common equipment and personal items needed for PADI training in an ocean or lake environment. Always check with your Divemaster or Scuba Instructor regarding any special equipment unique to your class.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Aquatic Adventures will not rent or loan masks, snorkels or defog to any divers until further notice.

Scuba Equipment

Personal equipment
Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Gear bag
Medical Mask

Exposure suit
Wetsuit (pants and jacket or full jumpsuit), or
Dry suit and undergarment

Exposure suit accessories
Boots, Hood, Gloves

Scuba kit
Regulator (primary and octopus)
Instruments: SPG, depth gauge, compass
BCD (with weight pockets if integrated)
Weights (10% of your body weight plus 6 to 10 lbs for cold water diving)
Weight belt (if using a non-integrated BCD)
Tank (2 or more are needed for most training)

Dive planning tools
Dive computer, or
Watch and RDP (table users only)

Regulator hoses
LP inflator hose
Dry suit inflator (dry suit divers only)

Signaling devices (1 visual, 1 audible)*
Knife (or diver tool for cutting)**
Light (required for night dives/recommend for deep dives)

Personal Items

Swimsuit (wetsuit divers)
Extra clothes
Money (for entrance fees and tips)
Blanket or Tarp (for equipment assembly)
Face Mask
Hand Sanitizer

*Aquatic Adventures will supply all beginners with a signal tube and whistle during their open water training. All others must have these devices with them during training.

**Not required for beginners. All certified divers should have a knife with them unless diving in a marine park or sanctuary where having a knife is prohibited.