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Directions to Pearl Lake Club
South Beloit, Illinois

Pearl Lake
Hwy 251
1220 Dearborn Avenue
South Beloit, IL 61080
(815) 389-1479

Located 10 minutes south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border in South Beloit, Pearl Lake was a former rock quarry. The lake boasts numerous underwater attractions such as sunken boats, an airplane, a submarine, concrete culverts, an underwater buoyancy course, and a bus. Because of these attractions and the numerous underwater training platforms, Pearl Lake is considered one of the best dive training facilities in the Midwest. Other on-site facilities include a restaurant, showers, beach, and campground.

IMPORTANT: All divers must sign in at the dive shop before entering the diving area. An entrance fee will be collected from you at that time. Make sure to pick up a pass, read the rules, and sign in before you enter the diving area. You will need to present your pass to the attendant at the diving area entrance. When you have completed your dives, return to the dive shop, give your pass to the attendant at the desk, and scratch your name off the roster.

Maximum depth: 85 feet
Average dive depth: 20-40 feet

From Downtown Milwaukee

Take I-43 South to Beloit (approximately 70 miles)
Exit on I-90 South toward Chicago
Take I-90 South (approximately 2 miles)
Exit on Hwy 75. This is the first exit after you get on I-90 (approximately 1 mile)
Take a right off the ramp on Hwy 75 and head toward South Beloit.
Turn Left at Hwy 251 South (3 blocks)
Turn Right onto the frontage road at first opportunity and continue South (1 block)
Turn Right into Pearl Lake entrance.