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Course Fees

There are several fees related to your scuba training at UW-Milwaukee. UWM scuba course fees for courses taught through Aquatic Adventures are discussed below.

UW-Milwaukee Assessed Fees

UW-Milwaukee assesses two fees when students register for a scuba course. First, students are charged for the course credit they will earn based upon the current university price structure. See your adviser for an explanation of this fee. Secondly, the university assesses a special fee that covers things such as facility, equipment, book, and certification fees at Aquatic Adventures.

Certification Fees

Certification fees are included in the special fee assessed by the university when university requirements for course credit match or exceed PADI standards. This is true for courses such as Advanced Open Water, Advanced Dive Theory, Diving Enriched Air, Underwater Photography, and Equipment Maintenance. For courses like Skin & Scuba, where PADI standards exceed university requirements, a fee is assessed at the time students register for the additional training. This fee is forfeited if the student fails to show up for that training. See our certification dives registration page for current pricing. Students should understand that this fee could change at any time.

Book Fees

Books are included in the special fee collected by the University for most UW-Milwaukee classes. At the time of this writing, books and training materials were included with all courses.

Rental Fees

All equipment required for you to complete your UW-Milwaukee scuba course is included in the special fee collected by the university. In addition, Aquatic Adventures gives complimentary life support equipment to Skin & Scuba students when they are completing the open water dives necessary for scuba certification.

Students should understand, however, that personal equipment like masks, boots, fins, snorkels, lights, and dive knives required for some classes are not included in standard rental packages. We strongly encourage students to purchase this equipment by giving significant discounts on these items. However, students can rent some of this equipment for a nominal fee. See our Rent Scuba Equipment page for current rental fees. Please note that a mask, fins, and snorkel are supplied to Skin & Scuba students attending pool training at no charge. However, these students are responsible for owning or renting these items if they choose to attend open water training.

Dive Site and Boat Fees

As all divers know, there are very few open water locations where you can dive without being assessed some kind of fee. This can be a fee for entry into a private lake or state or county park or for a spot on a dive boat. In most cases, these fees are not under the control of Aquatic Adventures, though we sometimes subsidize the standard price for our students. Ask your instructor about the entry fees or boat fees you will be responsible for when you do your open water dives.

Rescheduling and "No Show" Fees

Divers in training should understand that the number of participants in scuba classes, boat charters, and open water dives is limited by PADI standards and space constraints. When a student registers for training activities they are often preventing other students from participating. As a result, Aquatic Adventures charges rescheduling and "no show" fees to students who fail to attend training they have registered for.

Rescheduling is defined as providing notification at least 48 hours in advance that you will not show up for training. "No show" is defined as failing to show up for training or failing to provide notification that you will not attend at least 48 hours in advance. Contact Aquatic Adventures at (262) 938-6827 for current charges associated with rescheduling or not showing up for your scuba training.

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