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Course Policies

The following details UW-Milwaukee Policies for the for credit scuba program taught at Aquatic Adventures. All students participating in scuba activities are required to be familiar with these policies.

Admission Restrictions

Occasionally students ask whether a family member or friend can attend a UW-Milwaukee class if they are not registered through the university. Sometimes customers with scheduling issues also ask if they can attend a UW-Milwaukee class. As a general policy, UW-Milwaukee classes are reserved for students who register through the university. If you have a scheduling issue, please contact the training department at Aquatic Adventures at (262) 938-6827 or email the training department at training@diveaai.com. If you are a UW-Milwaukee student, you should register for class through PAWS. Aquatic Adventures is not allowed to collect course fees from students for UW-Milwaukee courses.


For the overwhelming majority of students taking scuba courses, earning a scuba certification is the primary reason for enrolling. Aquatic Adventures and all of our instructors are members of PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors). PADI is the largest and best known scuba training agency in the world. Our instructors issue PADI certifications for virtually all of our classes, and we offer those certifications for all classes taught through UW-Milwaukee as well.

Because PADI standards for certification are sometimes more rigorous than the requirements for course credit at UW-Milwaukee, additional course work may be required to obtain a PADI certification card. Course descriptions in PAWS and on our UWM Courses page identify when certification is included or is available. If the course description indicates certification is available, additional course work and fees are required to get a PADI certification card.

Although UW-Milwaukee students are given the opportunity to earn a PADI certification for every class we teach for the university, students should understand that their UW-Milwaukee instructor may not be able to conduct the additional training required for certification. If this is the case, another qualified PADI instructor with Aquatic Adventures will be available to perform that training. If you wish, you can talk to your UW-Milwaukee instructor about what dates he or she will be conducting the additional training required for certification.


Regular attendance is required for all scuba classes. In some cases, PADI standards require that course work be completed in a specific order. This is to ensure that foundational skills are mastered before the student moves on to more complex skills. Failure to attend any class can result in a student being denied admittance to the next course session for standards and safety reasons. If you cannot attend a class, contact your UW-Milwaukee instructor immediately to determine how any missed work can be made up. In some cases, makeup sessions will result in additional charges.


Grades are issued based upon quiz and exam scores, completion of knowledge reviews, participation in class discussions, and completion of any required confined water and open water dives. Specific weighting for each activity will be provided to students on the class syllabus. A link to the class syllabus is always attached to the class schedule. Class schedules are found on our UWM Schedule page and links are issued to students via their UWM email account. Your instructor also will provide you a copy of the schedule that identifies when quizzes and exams are administered and what knowledge reviews and dives must be completed in Canvas. These requirements vary from class to class. See your instructor if you have any questions regarding how grades will be determined.

Medical Fitness

All students participating in the UW-Milwaukee Scuba Program are required to fill out a medical form on the first night of class. If a student identifies any medical issues on the form, the student is required to have a medical doctor complete the RSTC Medical Statement located on this website or on Canvas prior to their first pool training class or open water dive. If the form has not been completed prior to pool or open water training, the student will not be allow to participate in scuba activities. There are no exceptions to this rule as neither university nor Aquatic Adventures insurance will cover a student who is not certified as medically fit for scuba. Students should understand that their instructor may issue a failing grade if they do not complete this form on time.

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