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Are you interested in Underwater Archaeology? I am, but I had difficulty finding a training course in the Southeast Wisconsin area. During my visit to “Our World Underwater” in Chicago last winter, I stopped at the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago booth. My goal was to determine if they would be hosting any training classes. They suggested I contact Dr. Mark Holley at Northwestern Michigan College. After accessing the college website, I discovered the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) program hosted by the school as a part of their college curriculum.

The Nautical Archaeology Society’s principal aim is to “promote the preservation of the nautical heritage for the benefit of current and future generations”. One of several ways the NAS accomplishes that is through the NAS training program which was established in 1968. The training program is made up of these four courses:

  1. NAS Part I Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology.
  2. NAS Part II Intermediate Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology.
  3. NAS Part III Advanced Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology.
  4. NAS Part IV Diploma in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology.

After contacting Dr. Holley, I determined I could take the NAS Part I course online and subsequently meet with him to learn the practical skills of underwater surveying and recording. I enrolled in April and spent the spring and early summer completing the online program. In August, Dr. Holley and I met and he demonstrated the necessary survey and recording techniques thereby completing my certification requirements for NAS Part I.

If you would like to explore underwater archaeology, check the following links: or

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