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Four Holiday Shopping Tips for Divers

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, you may be thinking about what to get for your favorite divers. Here are four holiday shopping tips for divers you can use to make the holidays a great success both above water and below.

1. Visit Aquatic Adventures Online.

Aquatic Adventures Online is the official Aquatic Adventures catalog of products. You can find it at, or you can simply click the SHOP button on the right side of the menu bar on any of our web pages.

While not everything we sell is on our shopping cart, most of our key products are. What makes our shopping cart unique is that the product descriptions were written by divers and not engineers and advertisers. We try to provide you with the same kinds of recommendations and information our staff provides you in our store.

Remember as well that we are an authorized dealer for everything we sell. You will always get a full manufacturer’s warranty on anything you buy from us, and you can be confident you will be able to get service for anything we sell. In addition, there is free shipping on any order over $100.

2. Visit Aquatic Adventures in Brookfield.

While visiting our online store can provide you with valuable insights into our products, there is no substitute for seeing, touching, and trying them on. Everyone on our sales staff is a diver, and many are divemasters and instructors. In many cases, you will find that our staff has tried or tested the products we sell and can make recommendations that can ensure you get what you are looking for and know how to use the product once you get it home.

In addition, Aquatic Adventures will be running many “in store only” sales over the holidays that you will not find in our online advertising or on our shopping cart. Many of our suppliers ask us not to advertise products online below a certain price. We are not held to the same rules in our physical building. So sometimes our prices in the store are actually lower than online prices.

Our store hours and directions to our facility can be found by clicking the Location & Hours link above. So come on in and visit us if you are able.

3. Don’t forget about free financing.

Scuba courses and scuba equipment can be expensive. Getting that perfect gift may be a challenge financially. To assist you in getting exactly what you want, Aquatic Adventures offers Synchrony financing to qualified customers. See our Synchrony Financing page for more details.

4. Gift cards may be the perfect gift.Aquatic Adventures Gift Card

Not sure what to get your favorite diver? That perfect gift is a bit out of your budget even with financing? An Aquatic Adventures gift card might be the perfect solution. Help your diver get the class or piece of equipment they want with a gift card.

Gift cards are available online under the Extras category in specific increments. However, you can get gift cards in any increment by stopping in our store or calling us at (262) 938-6827.

Hopefully these holiday shopping tips will help make your holiday season a great success. See you under water!

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About the Author Jerry Otte

Jerry Otte is the UW-Milwaukee Scuba Coordinator for Aquatic Adventures, Inc. Jerry has run the scuba program with the University since 1997 and has written the curriculum for several of the college credit scuba courses taught at the University. Jerry has certified more than 2000 divers and has been on more than 2500 dives. He is currently certified as a PADI Master Instructor, a rating he earned in 2001. He also holds Instructor ratings in deep technical diving and more than 20 specialties.

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