Service Equipment

Atomic M1 Regulator

Service Equipment at Aquatic Adventures

Aquatic Adventures equipment service includes regulator tuning and overhaul, BCD cleaning and inflator repair, dry suit seal replacement and patching, and cylinder inspections for all tanks including aluminum tanks older than 1990.

Our staff includes certified regulator technicians from Atomic, Mares, Dive Rite, Hollis, Sherwood, and many more. We are also able to service equipment from nearly any manufacture through our service partners. Our technicians have attended the best service training programs available and have the credentials, experience, and concern for life support equipment that you can trust to keep your equipment performing as it was designed.

Prices below are based on established prices as of February 2016 and are not guaranteed. Prices are subject to change at any time. Call Aquatic Adventures at 262-938-6827 to verify pricing.

Equipment Service Pricing

Regulator  Annual Service Price
1st Stage  $35.00 (plus parts)
2nd Stage  $25.00 (plus parts)
Octo  $25.00 (plus parts)
Not Serviced at Aquatic Adventures (Outsourced)
1st Stage  $40.00 (plus parts)
2nd Stage  $30.00 (plus parts)
Octo  $30.00 (plus parts)
BCD Annual Service Price

Inspection & Service

$10.00 (plus parts)

$15.00 (plus parts)

Cylinder Service Price
Annual Visual Inspection (Air) $12.00 (plus fill)
Annual Visual Inspection (Nitrox) $16.00 (plus fill)
Hydrostatic Test – Steel or Aluminum 1990 or Newer $24.95 (plus fill)
Hydrostatic Test – Aluminum Pre-1990 $33.95 (plus fill)
Nitrox Tank Setup $13.00 (plus fill)
Oxygen Cleaning $49.95 (plus fill)
Dry Suit Service Price
Neck seal replacement $45.00 (plus parts)
Wrist seal replacement $45.00 (plus parts)

*Service fees do not include parts and are based upon equipment being in good condition. Equipment that is obsolete, in disrepair (especially disrepair due to corrosion), or requires attention exceeding standards established by the manufacturer are subject to a $35 an hour service fee. Aquatic Adventures will contact you to get your approval before performing any service that you have not authorized.