Lower Genesee Lake Dive Site Review

Lower Genesee Lake – Dive Site Review

Lower Genesee Lake is a 63 acre lake located in western Waukesha County. Lower Genesee is one of three lakes in the Genesee lake system. The boat launch is just off of Genesee Lake Road in Oconomowoc. There are about ten trailer parking spots available at the launch, so if you are going on a busy holiday make sure to arrange cars accordingly. For more detailed directions, check out our Lower Genesee Lake Boat Launch Maps Page.

Lower Genesee is a great lake for newly certified Open Water divers. With plenty of open space and clear, clean water, a diver can practice buoyancy, adjust equipment and get used to being in open water in a relatively controlled environment. Visibility can range from 15 to 20 feet depending on the depth.Lower Genesee Lake Dive Site Review

Entering off the boat launch there is a board for divers to walk down. Use caution as this board can be a bit slippery. The lake to the South and close to shore has a shallow shelf (about 8 to 10 feet). By swimming out a little ways, the shelf stops and drops off to 12 to 18 feet. At this point the world is your oyster.

If staying shallow is the goal you can follow the shelf along the shore line staying in about 15 feet of water. If cold and deep is what you are looking for on a dive, then head East towards the middle of the lake.

One of our sales staff, Cory Tutaj, went for a few dives to Lower Genesee. He gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.

The few times I have been to Lower Genesee Lake, the water has been clean, clear and chilly. Swimming along the shallow shelf proved interesting. There where a few fallen trees, one looked like a discarded Christmas tree which had a few tiny fish swimming around it. Unfortunately, there was not much to see besides that, and the thermocline created a white haze right around 20 feet.

There where also a few fish that started following us on our dives. My dive buddy, Scott, was leading and had a carp floating right by his first stage. Out of the corner of my eye, just out of our range of visibility was the shadow of a 16 inch northern. It felt kind of menacing stalking us just out of view. I kept tabs on him until he turned and swam the other direction.

I enjoyed diving on Lower Genesee. We had decent visibility on our dives and enjoyed the practice in open water. Working with kayakers paddling around us, perfecting my buoyancy and getting used to towing a line helped me feel more comfortable in open water. This is a perfect dive site for beginners looking to be more comfortable in open water or for any diver looking to practice with new gear. Minimal hazards and a diver-aware community makes this a safe, relatively controlled environment for any diver.

For more information about this and other local dive sites visit our Maps page.

3 out of 5 star dive site Three Out of Five

Maximum depth: 45 feet
Average depth: 20-25 feet
Hazards: Some boat traffic, fishermen, kayakers and fallen trees
Pros: Good visibility, clean lake, some panfish, largemouth bass, carp and northern pike
Cons: Not a whole lot to see

Directions to Lower Genesee Lake Boat Launch

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  • Scott Johnson Says:

    Really accurate article. For a “local lake” it really does offer the diver quite a bit of opportunity to practice some buoyancy, navigation, combination of warm and cold water. Every time I have been out there it’s a pleasurable dive. As with all lakes, just make sure to bring a float with a flag and practice good diving techniques.

    June 23, 2018 6:34 pm