Atomic BC1 BCD


The new Atomic BC1 BCD is designed to be the toughest performance BCD made today. World-class in every feature, the Atomic BC1 BCD is for divers who refuse to settle for anything less than the absolute best.

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Product Name: Atomic BC1 BCD
Product Manufacturer: Atomic Aquatics
Product Numbers: 99-1000, 99-2000
User Manual: Atomic BC1 BCD Manual

The Atomic BC1 BCD is our best BCD. Every detail of the Atomic BC1 BCD, from the materials it is constructed out of to each individual component, shows a commitment to engineering a world-class BCD.

If you are looking for simply the best BCD made, the Atomic BC1 BCD is for you. Learn why below.

Key Features

  1. Coated Waterproof FabricAtomic BC1 Front Features
    Strong double-laminated polyurethane coated fabric. Sheds water.
  2. Ratcheting Tank Band
    Works like ski and snowboard bindings. No need to wet before attaching like nylon web bands.
  3. Patented Weight Release System
    Weight pouches hold up to 10 lbs. Glide smoothly into pockets with little effort. Release with a simple tug.
  4. Quilted Backpad and Lumbar Pad
    Maximum comfort with even the carrying handle concealed behind the backpad.
  5. Sand-Resistant Packet Zippers
    Self-sealing zipper closes completely to prevent sand and debris from clogging the teeth.
  6. Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel D-RingsAtomic BC1 Back Features
    Light, tough, corrosion-resistant and strategically placed for durability and convenience.
  7. Trim Weight Pockets
    Hold up to 5 lbs. for best streamlining and buoyancy.
  8. Non-Skid Tank Pad
    Rigid molding secured with top grad stainless steel hardware for superior tank security.
  9. “Dry glide” Exhaust Pull Dumps
    Dumps (2) are rigid to secure them in position and prevent them from floating behind straps and releases.
  10. High-Performance Inflation Options
    BC1 does not come with an inflator, allowing you to select the best inflation option for you. See Inflation Options below to help you choose the option you prefer.

Sizing Chart

Use the chart below to determine your size. If you have questions about proper sizing, call us at (262) 938-6827.

SM31 LBS1245'2" - 5'7"120 - 15534 - 4027 - 4220 LBS6 LBS
MD32 LBS1425'7" - 5'10"150 - 16539 - 4530 - 4520 LBS10 LBS
ML36 LBS1605'10" - 6'0"160 - 19041 - 4731 - 4720 LBS10 LBS
LG39 LBS1736'0" - 6'2"180 - 21043 - 4935 - 5020 LBS10 LBS
X-LG48 LBS2136'2" - 6'5"195 - 24045 - 5137 - 5228 LBS10 LBS

Inflator Options

The Atomic BC1 BCD allows you to select the perfect inflator for you as an add-on to the BCD. Here are the options you can choose from:

  1. Atomic AI Inflator Titanium SmallNo Inflator
    Choose this option if you already have an Atomic SS1 Safe Second or another alternate inflator.
  2. Atomic AI Inflator SS1
    GOOD: Choose this option if you are looking for a reliable and economical standard inflator. This option does not double as an alternate inflator (safe second).
  3. Atomic AI Inflator SS1 Titanium
    BETTER: Choose this option if you prefer a higher quality standard inflator. This inflator is constructed with more titanium parts for lighter weight, increased corrosion resistance and better durability.
  4. Atomic SS1 Safe Second
    Atomic SS1 Black SmallBETTER YET: Choose this option if you are looking for a reliable and economical alternate inflator (safe second). The SS1 Safe Second doubles as your octopus, so it keeps your configuration streamlined and lighter weight.
  5. Atomic SS1 Safe Second Titanium
    BEST: Choose this option if you are looking for the best alternate inflator (safe second). The SS1 Safe Second Titanium doubles as your octopus. It is our lightest weight and most durable option.

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 20 x 12 in



S, M, M/L, L, XL

Inflator Options

No Inflator, AI Inflator SS, AI Inflator Titanium, SS1 Safe Second, SS1 Safe Second Titanium