Mares Icon HD Computer Black Edition


The Mares ICON HD Computer Black Edition features three programmable nitrox gases and a true full color display. The optional pressure tank module adds full gas integration, while the map feature allows you to store images, photos, and maps of dive sites that can be accessed during your dive. Get all the information you need during your next dive by ordering yours today.

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Product Name: Mares Icon HD Computer Black Edition
Product Manufacturer: Mares
Product Numbers: 414130 and 495121
User Manual: Mares Icon HD Computer Manual

Are you tired of not being able to read your dive computer? Eliminate that problem by ordering the Mares Icon HD dive computer. This extraordinary instrument boasts a true full color display that is easy to read regardless of ambient light and continuously updates during your dive.

Want to plot your dive profile as you dive? Switch the Icon HD to a graphic representation of the dive profile in real time immediately after beginning the dive. The Mares Icon HD will begin graphing your dive by plotting the depth with a continuous line.

Wish you could take a map of the dive site with you on the dive? The Icon HD’s innovative map function allows you to store images, photos, as well as digital maps of dive sites on your computer that can be accessed while you dive. You can upload your images or choose from maps of popular dive sites that are available online.

The Mares Icon HD comes with a dedicated PC interface that is used to upload files and charge the computer. The Mares Icon HD Computer uses rechargeable lithium batteries, so you will not have to buy batteries or worry about replacing them.

The Mares Icon HD Computer comes in either HD net ready or HD net ready with transmitter options, allowing you to choose whether to have air integration immediately or add the option later. Use the option selector above to choose the option that is right for you. You can also add up to three transmitters to monitor gas use in three different tanks.

Technical Specifications

Dive Table Algorithm RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model)
Nitrox Yes
Programmable Gas Mixes 3
Bottom Time Yes
Stopwatch Timer Yes
Max Operating Depth 150 meters/490 feet
Logbook 100+ hours
Audible Alarms Yes
Ascent Rate Digital
Dive Simulator Yes
Altitude Adjustment Yes
Fresh/Salt Water Yes
PC Downloads Yes
Dive Organizer (PC)
Diver’s Diary (Mac)
Battery Rechargeable lithium (charger included)
Special Characteristics Map function, picture function, and digital compass


Learn more about the Mares Icon HD in this video

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 x 8.0 x 5.0 in
Computer Options



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