Mares Power Plana Fins


Looking for a great Tec fin? The Mares Power Plana is a nearly indestructible fin made of natural rubber. The fin is negatively buoyant and comes with the Mares patented bungee strap or the Mares spring strap. With a 10.8″ blade, Mares Power Plana Fins are compact enough to help you avoid stirring up the bottom while still delivering the power you need to drive multiple tanks or other heavy equipment.

Available in either Standard or Extended Range versions.

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Product Name: Mares Power Plana Fins
Product Manufacturer: Mares
Product Numbers: 410007, 410050

Constructed of natural rubber, the Mares Power Plana Fins have a vented blade design and are negatively buoyant. They weigh in at 2.9 pounds in the Regular size out of the water. There is ample room in the foot pocket of the Power Planas to accommodate large boots, making this a great fin for dry suit divers. In addition, the Mares Power Plana Fins, unlike similar products in competing lines, come with a full-shaped foot pocket.

The high density material of this fin makes it negatively buoyant, which is preferred when using a dry suit and a technical diving rig with steel back plate. We recommend serious technical divers select the Extended Range option for its better strength.

Strap Types

The Mares Power Plana Fins come with either of two strap types:

  • Standard – Mares patented bungee strap. Light weight with standard plastic buckle.
  • XR Spring Strap – Spring with wrap around nylon puller and safety chord. Best for serious technical diving.

Key Features

  • Mares patented bungee strap, or
  • Mares spring strap for Tec fin
  • Full shape foot pocket
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Negatively buoyant

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 28.0 x 14.0 x 7.0 in
Fin Size


Fin Options



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