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PROPLUS X Computer


PROPLUS X Computer

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The Oceanic ProPlus X Computer is a hose-mount, air integrated dive computer designed to be easily read whether the diver is at the surface in bright light or diving in low light with limited visibility at 130 feet. The Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) display is amazingly bright but consumes very little energy. The large screen also has an intuitive color coded interface, high-resolution bar graphs and the largest digits of any dive computer on the market.

Intuitive Menu Design

The Oceanic ProPlus X Computer has four buttons that make navigating the intuitive menu design quick and easy. Settings can be easily managed on the fly both prior to the dive, or during the dive. Whether you need to change your gas, plan your dive or manage your settings, the Oceanic ProPlus X menus will quickly guide you through your options.

Digital Compass

Need some help with direction? The Oceanic ProPlus X is equipped with an advanced 3D compass that can be accessed with the push of a button. Select from North, Reference and Reverse Reference modes to get you on the correct heading. Best of all, the ProPlus X compass is a full 360° graphic that won’t leave you guessing at a heading.

Quick Disconnect

Need to take your computer with you? Not a problem with the ProPlus X. Just twist and go. The ProPlus X comes standard with a quick disconnect and twisting locking ring hose. So you can enjoy the convenience of always having your computer attached to your regulator, or you can take your computer with you when you need to leave your regulator behind.

Bluetooth Enabled

The Oceanic ProPlus X Computer is also fully Bluetooth 4.0 integrated. No need for wires. Just wirelessly connect ProPlus X to your iOS device via the DiverLog app and you can remotely control all your dive computer settings, view logs and profile data, and add location and other details.

Choose Your Algorithm

The Oceanic ProPlus X Computer is powered by the Pelagic Dual Algorithm™ decompression models. Divers can select from either the Pelagic Z+ algorithm, or the Pelagic DSAT algorithm. The Pelagic Z+ algorithm is similar to the more conservative RGBM models found in our Mares and Suunto computers. The Pelagic DSAT algorithm follows the PADI dive tables and safely maximizes dive times for repetitive, multi-level recreational diving.

Rechargeable Battery

The Oceanic ProPlus X Computer features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. No need to replace batteries or worry about flooded battery compartments. The Oceanic ProPlus X gets 35 to 60 hours of use between charges depending on settings.

Best of all, the Oceanic ProPlus X Computer is designed and manufactured in the USA!

Decompression Model  Dual Algorithm™. Allows you to choose between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlman ZHL-16C data basis).
Nitrox Yes (21-100%)
Programmable Gas Mixes Yes: gas switching between up to 4 gases
Digital Compass Yes: 3D compass
Freedive Mode No
Bottom Time Yes
Stopwatch Timer No
Air Integration Capable Yes
Max Operating Depth 100 meters/330 feet
Logbook Up to 150 dives
Audible Alarms Yes
Time, Date Yes
Backlight  Yes
Altitude Adjustment Yes: 2,000 – 14,000 ft / 610 – 4200 m
Fresh/Salt Water Yes
PC Downloads Yes and via Bluetooth 4.0 technology to iOS app.
Battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable

User Manual: ProPlus X User Manual (PDF)

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