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EON Steel Black Computer

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The Suunto EON Steel Black is Suunto's best dive computer. Equipped with the same easy to navigate menu system as the EON Core and D5 computers, the EON Steel Black provides up to 40 hours of dive time on a single charge and calculates decompression down to 490 feet.

For technical divers, the EON Steel Black calculates decompression using either the Buhlmann 16 GF or Suunto Fused RGBM 2 algorithms. Firmware is user upgradeable when new development becomes available. When paired with Suunto's DM5 software, the EON Steel Black computer is a powerful tool for planning and executing dives whatever adventure you wish to take.

Decompression model  SUUNTO Fused RGBM 2 or Buhlmann 16 GF
Nitrox  Yes (Nitrox, Trimix, CCR)
Programmable Gas Mixes  Up to 20 (Oxygen 5-99%/Helium 0-95%) with up to 20 Tank Pod connections
Rebreather   Yes
Digital Compass   3D tilt compensated
Max Operating Depth  490 ft (150m)
Logbook  200 hours or 400 dives whichever comes first
Dive history   Lifetime
Audible Alarms Max depth, tank pressure, too fast ascent, gas time, deepstop violation, and many more.
Display High contrast, full color TFT, mineral crystal
Altitude Adjustment  Yes
Fresh/Salt Water  Yes
PC Downloads  Yes. Connects to Suunto’s DM5 program
Battery   19 hours of dive time. Rechargeable through USB
Special Characteristics  Software updates free through Suunto. Connects to phone app via bluetooth. Durable design.


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