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PADI eLearning – Providing the Best in Scuba Training

Aquatic Adventures is dedicated to providing you with the best in scuba training. That is why we have incorporated PADI eLearning into our scuba training programs. Not only does PADI eLearning provide the convenience of learning at home, it allows our students to learn at their own pace.

Do you have a busy schedule? Are you looking for the convenience of learning scuba when you have the time? Do you prefer an online format where readings and videos are provided in a fully integrated format? Then our eLearning program is the perfect choice.

What is eLearning?

PADI eLearning is part of the premium scuba training program provided at Aquatic Adventures for students. Unlike a traditional classroom program, our student are provided the latest in online scuba training. This training is coupled with the hands on pool and open water training provided by our professional staff of PADI scuba instructors and Divemasters.

PADI eLearning, you should note, only covers the classroom portion of scuba training. You will still need to complete our pool training and/or open water training. Should you have any questions regarding how PADI eLearning works, feel free to contact us at or call one of training consultants at (262) 938-6827.

PADI eLearning for beginner certification

By far our most popular PADI eLearning course is the Open Water Diver course. This eLearning program allows you to complete your classroom training for the beginner certification online.

Options for beginner certificationPADI eLearning on the beach

There are currently two options for completing basic certification online:

1. Touch Course

The PADI eLearning Touch Course is currently available for iOS and Android users, as well as those with tradition PCs. The Touch Course is downloadable to your tablet, is highly interactive, and provides maximum flexibility and mobility. Since the course videos and other material resides on your tablet, this option does not require an internet connection for you to complete most portions of the course. This is ideal for students on the go who may wish to complete eLearning while on a plane, at the beach, or anywhere an Internet connection is not available.

Aquatic Adventures includes the PADI Touch course as part of our beginning scuba program. All of our students receive an activation code when they register for class. The cost of the Touch course is non-refundable and no discounts are provided to students who purchase the Touch course elsewhere. We highly recommend that you sign up for our beginning scuba class before starting any online training.

2. Standard eLearning

Standard eLearning is performed on a laptop or PC connected to the Internet. The student is able to view course videos and complete quizzes and exams separately. If you prefer a more traditional eLearning format, your Aquatic Adventures training consultant can help you register for this program if you prefer it to the Touch course.

Other PADI eLearning courses

In addition to the basic PADI Open Water Diver course, the following PADI courses are available through eLearning:

Before registering for any of these courses, we highly recommend that you email us at or call us at (262) 938-6827 to discuss how these online courses will integrate into your training at Aquatic Adventures.

What all PADI eLearning students should know

Students who select the eLearning option for any PADI course should understand that there are two fees involved in most eLearning training: PADI eLearning fees and Aquatic Adventures fees. Pool training and/or open water training required for the desired certification level must still be completed in addition to the eLearning material. PADI eLearning is only a substitute for a portion of the required classroom training.

Finally, eLearning students should also understand that diving is a group activity and interaction with other students and the instructor is a valuable part of scuba training. PADI eLearning students should be prepared to assume a greater responsibility for building relationships during other portions of their training, as personal interaction in eLearning could be more limited than a traditional course.

How to register

Regardless of which eLearning course you wish to take, registration follows these steps.

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