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AWARE Beach Cleanup - Milwaukee

 Aquatic Environmental Awareness

We as snorkelers and divers spend a great deal of time in the water. Often we are the first to see the short term and long term changes in the aquatic environment. This makes us uniquely qualified to call attention to the threats that the underwater world faces. Of course, we also have a important responsibility to protect the aquatic environment whenever we interact with it.

These are some of the reasons PADI started Project AWARE in 1989. Project AWARE, which stands for Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education, is designed to engage snorkelers and divers in activities such as beach cleanups, establishing marine parks and protected areas, and pushing for legislative action to protect endangered marine habitats and species.

Aquatic Adventures is a strong supporter of Project AWARE as we recognize the importance of healthy aquatic environments to the strength of the dive industry. We support all efforts to protect environments like the Great Lakes and Lake Michigan in particular, as the health of these environments is directly tied to the enjoyment our sport.

Every September we sponsor a Beach Cleanup in our local area. We also promote diver responsibility by teaching the PADI Underwater Naturalist and PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy courses on a regular basis. In addition, we also offer the PADI Project AWARE specialty courses listed below. For more information on Project AWARE or to find out how you can help protect the aquatic world, see the Project AWARE website at

Annual Beach Cleanup

Get involved in cleaning up our local waterways and shoreline by visiting our Beach Cleanup page. Join Aquatic Adventures and local divers and non-divers as we clean up Lake Michigan beaches and waterways.

PADI Project AWARE Specialty Courses

Aquatic Adventures is proud to offer the following Project AWARE specialty courses as means of educating divers and our community about the plight of our lakes and oceans. Find out more about the complexities of coral reefs and how they benefit us, or learn how to identify the fish that inhabit these reefs in these exciting and informative courses.

Project AWARE
AWARE — Coral Reef Conservation
AWARE — Fish Identification