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We are now DIVEAAI.COM

On June 29, 2016, we migrated our domain from the original DIVE-AAI.COM to DIVEAAI.COM. As our old friends know, Aquatic Adventures was an early adopter of the Internet. Our website dates back to a hand-coded site built in the late 1990s to distribute information to our students at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Since those days, our website has undergone four major revisions, the latest being a conversion to our current WordPress site in late 2014.

Over the years, many of our customers were confused by the dash in the DIVE-AAI.COM domain name. When DIVEAAI.COM became available, we purchased that domain and redirected people using it to DIVE-AAI.COM. We redesigned our logo when we built our new site to reflect the new domain, and now we have moved our entire website to DIVEAAI.COM.

Some of you may find that your old bookmarks go to the home page rather than to the specific page you marked. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to bookmark pages under the new domain. If you receive automated emails from us, some of those links may go to the home page for a time as well. We are working to update these links and hope to have the work done soon.

As we move into the holiday season, we have more changes planned. We hope to release a new version of our shopping cart that will be directly integrated into the DIVEAAI.COM site. We expect that the new shopping cart will give you a seamless experience as you move between our content and our products.

Thank you for your support of Aquatic Adventures. We hope you will continue to support us online, and we trust that you will enjoy the photos, articles, blogs, training information, and shopping experiences we provide for your snorkeling and scuba diving needs.

Happy surfing!

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About the Author Jerry Otte

Jerry Otte is the UW-Milwaukee Scuba Coordinator for Aquatic Adventures, Inc. Jerry has run the scuba program with the University since 1997 and has written the curriculum for several of the college credit scuba courses taught at the University. Jerry has certified more than 2000 divers and has been on more than 2500 dives. He is currently certified as a PADI Master Instructor, a rating he earned in 2001. He also holds Instructor ratings in deep technical diving and more than 20 specialties.