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Founded in January 2000, Aquatic Adventures, Inc. is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a western suburb of Milwaukee. We are committed to transforming and enriching people’s lives through scuba diving and snorkeling. Come enjoy the underwater world by letting us help you earn a scuba diving certification.

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A Beginning Scuba Class Checklist for the Savvy Consumer

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As Spring approaches, I thought many new or perspective dive students might benefit from an honest looks at some of the pitfalls and dangers that could await them when they sign up for a beginning scuba course. This became apparent to me recently while talking to a friend who signed up his daughter for a scuba course that never resulted in a diving certification.

Let me explain what happened. My friend’s daughter attends a local university and is working on a marine science degree. She wanted to apply for an internship in Hawaii that required at least a beginning scuba certification. Hoping to help his daughter out, my friend arranged for her to take a scuba class through an independent instructor recommended by a coworker.