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Founded in January 2000, Aquatic Adventures, Inc. is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a western suburb of Milwaukee. We are committed to transforming and enriching people’s lives through scuba diving and snorkeling. Come enjoy the underwater world by letting us help you earn a scuba diving certification.

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Scuba Equipment

Six Equpment Maintenace Tips for the Off Season

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As a certified scuba diver you know how important your equipment is. You spent hours researching, carefully selecting and purchasing just the right stuff. Even if your gear is not the fanciest on the market, it is yours and you trust it with your life. Equipment Maintenance is just as important in the off season as it is during the season to keep that gear in tip-top shape. Here are our top 6 tips for equipment maintenance in the off season.



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Shark?

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With dive season in full, summertime mode, I stopped in at my local dive center to pick up a few items for my next dive. Spring was hard on my equipment. After 20 dives in the Caribbean and another 20 at home, I had managed to lose a dive reel, break a fin strap, and crack the frame of my favorite mask.

As I talked to the sales person about getting a new mask, another man and his son were talking to the store manager about taking their beginning scuba class. I am always excited to see new people taking up my favorite pastime, so I could not help listening in to the conversation. Clearly the new divers had been to the store before, as the manager greeted them by name and welcomed them back.

Rescue Diver

Why the PADI Rescue Diver Class is so Important

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He was 30 feet down under water…he was out of air and his mask was half full of water.  He signaled to his dive buddy “out of air” as he struggled to open the valve on the pony bottle of air.  His buddy pushed the pony bottle regulator into his mouth but kept his hand over the purge button.  He had no air left in his lungs to clear the regulator and could not access the purge button.  His eyes went wide, his lungs began to burn, panic was setting in…what happens now?*

Having recently taken the PADI Rescue Diver class, Tom and Makinon Herbert were glad to share their diving class experiences with me. With Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water and Emergency First Response certifications already completed, both were ready to take their scuba training further.  Originally viewing Rescue Diver as just a class, they soon learned it was so much more.