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Milwaukee’s favorite dive center – Aquatic Adventures

Founded in January 2000, Aquatic Adventures, Inc. is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a western suburb of Milwaukee. We are committed to transforming and enriching people’s lives through scuba diving and snorkeling. Come enjoy the underwater world by letting us help you earn a scuba diving certification.

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PADI eLearner

PADI eLearning and Today’s Dive Training

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Today there is a revolution going on in dive training. Instead of spending hours in a classroom, our students now learn the fundaments of scuba through PADI eLearning programs. With eLearning readings and videos are integrated, and quizzes and exams are issued and graded at the time and place our students choose. These online training programs are not intended to replace our scuba instructors, but rather they are designed to free our staff to concentrate on skill development and mastery and building relationships.

At Aquatic Adventures, we believe that our eLearning classes greatly enhance the learning experience for our students. That’s why we recently added several new eLearning-based classes. Rather than putting students through exhausting weekends of exams, pool and open water training, our students now complete their academic training before they come to class. That allows them to enjoy shorter days while concentrating on developing the scuba skills they will need as certified divers.

Kathy on Kona Aggressor

Happy New Year!

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As we enter 2019, I would like to thank everyone for another great year at Aquatic Adventures. 2018 started out with a fabulous trip to Kona, Hawaii, and wrapped up with a great holiday season. During the year, we traveled to Cozumel twice, dived Lake Michigan more than 20 times, had an amazing time at our annual picnic at Pearl Lake, and certified more than 300 divers. Most importantly, 2018 was another year where all our divers successfully achieved the primary objective of every dive: returning safely.

To all our fabulous customers, we thank you for your continued support of Aquatic Adventures. It is always a challenge to keep a viable dive center going in a community with a short dive season. However, you have supported us and local diving by choosing Aquatic Adventures for your dive training, traveling with us, and purchasing products from us.