Port Washington's Deepest Wreck

The Northerner is a small two-masted wooden schooner with a wooden figurehead. On November 29, 1868, the Northerner sprung a leak from damage believed to have been caused while the ship was being loaded. While in tow to Milwaukee, she capsized off the shore of Port Washington. The ship now lies in about 140 feet of water and has remained incredibly well-preserved. Visibility on this wreck is often greater than 80 feet, making it ideal for photography and videography.

Maximum Depth: 140 feet
Distance to deck: 125 feet
Dimensions: 78' x 18' x 7'
Skill level: Advanced to Technical
Special considerations: Due to its depth, the Northerner is considered an advanced dive. Inexperienced divers have lost their lives diving the Northerner. Proper training and equipment are recommended for anyone planning more than a short stay on the wreck.