Get Scuba Certified

Get Scuba Certified

Learn How to Get Scuba Certified

Looking to get scuba certified? Want to know what options are available to complete your PADI certification? Then you have come to the right place.

At Aquatic Adventures, we offer our students many ways to earn their beginning scuba certification, but we have three main options. If you are not familiar with what the certification course is all about, make sure to visit Beginning Scuba (PADI Open Water Diver).

1. Full Certification Course

Get scuba certified in our full certification course. This is our most popular option for becoming a certified diver. We teach the PADI Open Water Diver course twice a month during the dive season and at least once a month during the off season. Our typical class is divided into three parts: academic learning, pool training, and lake or ocean dives.

The full PADI Open Water Diver course starts with you completing some academic work using the PADI Touch online course. You can complete this work on your iOS or Android device or your home computer. Materials are presented in fun and interactive ways to make your learning enjoyable and help you retain the material. This work must be completed by the start of your first class with Aquatic Adventures. During your classroom visit to our store, we verify what you learned during online training, give you a brief quiz to make sure you have understood the materials, and show you how to set up your equipment.

Next we will send you to the pool to practice all the skills you will need to be a safe diver. Pool training is usually conducted the day after your classroom session and normally spans a Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, we have you attend at least two days of training at a lake or the ocean where you will repeat the skills you learned in the pool. This is your opportunity to show us that you can perform these skills under real diving conditions. Once you have completed all three segments of the course, you will be awarded the PADI Open Water Diver certification!

2. Referral Certification Course

The referral program is much like the full certification course. In fact, you complete the same academic and pool training as those in the full certification class. The difference is that instead of spending a weekend doing four open water dives with Aquatic Adventures, we prepare a referral package for you to take to another PADI dive center or instructor. You simply give the referral paperwork to the new instructor and complete your open water training. The referral program is an excellent option for student divers who are planning a trip during the winter and cannot do their dives with us. By completing the academic and pool portion of the course before you leave on your trip, you will save a great deal of vacation time and can get straight to scuba diving! Make sure to visit our PADI Referral Program page to learn about all of the advantages of this program.

3. Private Instruction

Sometimes our customers are looking for a customized class schedule. This can be an ideal solution for someone with a difficult schedule or for families, youth groups, groups of friends, or students who are coming in from out of town. If you are interested in a customized class for you or for your family or friends, email our training department at or call us at (262) 938-6827. Aquatic Adventures can accommodate most schedules through this option.