Padi Referral Program

Take our scuba referral program before you travel. . .

Headed to a warm destination this winter or just not interested in diving lakes or quarries in Wisconsin and Illinois? Aquatic Adventures offers a program where you can complete the classroom and pool portions of your PADI Open Water Diver course before you travel and then complete four open water dives with another PADI dive center during your vacation.

Advantages of the Scuba Referral Program

The big advantage of our referral program is that you will not need to spend your entire vacation learning scuba. Instead, you can spend it diving or relaxing on the beach! More than half of your scuba certification requirements will be completed before you leave.

Our regular referral program begins in November and runs through April, but you can arrange for a referral at any time during the year. Training for our portion of the referral consists of classroom and pool training and a referral package to another dive center. You can complete this work in one weekend.

How it Works

Sign up for our Beginning Scuba class. Just select the dates you would like to do your pool training and leave the Certification Dives field blank (choose "Please Select"). This will reduce the price of the class and allow you to complete just the academic and pool training of the course. If you sign up online the final price will be seen once the class is in your shopping cart. Aquatic Adventures will provide you access to online academic training that you can do at home. We will also have our training team take you through the five pool dives you need to complete for your certification.

Once you have completed your online and pool training, Aquatic Adventures processes your paperwork, puts together a folder of your training records, and provides a letter introducing you to a PADI dive center in the area where you are traveling. We even take care of your PADI certification fee.

Please note that the receiving dive center collects a fee for the open water dives you need for completing your certification. These fees can range from $75 to about $300. In most resort areas, the fee for completing the open water dives is about $150 to $175 and includes basic equipment rental.

Once you have completed your four open water dives, you are a certified diver! If you have any difficulties with the process, Aquatic Adventures will be there to help you through or even complete your open water dives later if things don’t work out. And we will be there for all your equipment and service needs once you are certified as well!

Sign Up Now

Don’t wait until the last minute. Sign up now for the Aquatic Adventures referral program or see our Get Scuba Certified page for all the options you have in earning your scuba certification at Aquatic Adventures.

Of course, don’t forget that you can also complete your certification by traveling with Aquatic Adventures. See all of our great dive travel opportunities now by visiting our Travel page.