Winter Scuba Classes

Learn Scuba During the Offseason

Aquatic Adventures offers winter scuba classes for people who live remote or are looking to learn more about diving and the underwater world when the weather is not condusive to open water dives. No need to travel long distances to continue learning. Take one of our winter courses now!!

Aquatic Adventures developed classes like our Computer Diving Specialist, Advanced Dive Theory and Equipment Specialist classes to learn during the offseason or take our classes from home when distance from our facility or other factors make it difficult or even impossible to take a class in person.

Advanced Dive Theory

The PADI Advanced Dive Theory Distinctive Specialty is a non-diving, knowledge development program for students interesting in expanding their understanding of dive theory. As a high-level scuba course, the PADI Advanced Dive Theory course explores how dive equipment, human physiology, the marine environment, and basic physics come together in the act of scuba diving. This is a must take class for those who want an in depth understanding of scuba diving or who are or plan to be divemasters.

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Computer Diving Specialist

In the Computer Diving Specialist course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history, purpose, types, and operation of today's dive computers. You will be guided in how to select a dive computer that is right for you, how to set up and configure your computer, and how to connect your computer to a laptop (PC) and smartphone. We even show you how to replace a battery in a dive computer with user replaceable batteries.

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Enriched Air Diver

The Enriched Air Diver course is an introduction to Nitrox diving. As our most popular PADI specialty class, Enriched Air Diver is available to students at all levels. Whether you are currently enrolled in our Beginning Scuba class or you are a seasoned diver, the Enriched Air Diver course will teach you about the benefits and enriched air, the precautions you must take, how enriched air is blended and how to analyze the contents of your tank. You will complete the majority of this course via a PADI eLearning course we supply. The remainder is taught via an online Zoom meeting and one short visit to our store to learn about gas analysis.

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Equipment Specialist

The Equipment Specialist course is an introduction to the operation and propoer maintenance of scuba equipment. In this class you will learn about the principles and operation of diving equipment, recommended care and maintenance procedures, common problems with equipment and recommended professional maintenance procedures. The course also provides divers with simple suggestions for comfortanble equipment configurations and an introduction to new equipment.

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Jump Start A Diving Course

Aquatic Adventures is currently offering a virtual jump start for the following classes. Register to complete the academic training for these courses virtually, and we will get you to the pool or open water as soon as you are able.

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