Lumberman Shipwreck

The Lumberman was a three-mast wooden schooner used to haul lumber between Southern Wisconsin and Chicago. On April 7, 1893, while on its way north from Chicago, a gale-force wind capsized the Lumberman off from Oak Creek. The wreck now lies 10 miles north of Wind Point, Wisconsin.

Lumberman was build in 1862 at Blendon's Landing (Grand Haven), Michigan. She capsized in 1893 on the first trip of the season. When she sank, the masts were left protruding out of the water. Because of the hazard they presented to navigation, the masts were removed and the location of the wreck was lost for decades.

The Lumberman was rediscovered in 1983. Due to its distance from Milwaukee, the wreck is rarely visited and some of its artifacts remain undisturbed. The cargo holds are empty, and divers are able to swim under her deck for most of the length of the wreck.

Maximum Depth: 70 feet
Distance to deck: 55 feet
Dimensions: 126'5" x 23'5" x 7'1"
Skill level: Intermediate