The Great Barge

Barge Transfer is a wooden barge suck off Milwaukee in 1910. She lies about 2 miles due east of the Prins Willem V.

Barge Transfer can be an interesting dive, particularly toward dusk as the wreck becomes home to an abundance of Burbots (freshwater cod) that often can be seen sleeping among the debris. Barge Transfer is not intact, and debris is scattered over a rather large area. If a mooring is not present, it can be somewhat difficult to locate this wreck.

Maximum depth: 110-120 feet
Distance to deck: 105 feet
Dimensions: 200' x 34'
Moorings: Unreliable at best. Because the wreck is in the shipping lanes, moorings are often cut off by cargo ships. It is common not to have a mooring at this site.
Skill level: Advanced

Special considerations: Because of the depth and potential lack of a mooring line, this wreck should be viewed as an advanced dive. Great Lakes wreck diving experience is mandatory. Navigation, when visibility is limited, can be difficult as the wreck is spread out over a significant area and feature references are far poorer than most of the other wrecks off Milwaukee.