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Why Follow The Quarter Turn Back Valve Practice

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Dec 07, 2021

Written by: Jerry Otte, PADI Master Instructor, AAI Service Technician This year I notice that a greater number of our tank valves at Aquatic Adventures were failing than in previous years. To ensure that our valves work reliably for our divers, we m.. Read More

Aquatic Adventures Dives With Cbs58

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Feb 24, 2021

Aquatic Adventures had a blast this Wednesday, February 24! We jumped into Cudahy Middle School's pool and taught CBS58's, Michael Schlesinger, how to do some basic scuba skills. He learned the number one rule of scuba - never ever hold your .. Read More

Reflections On Diving In 2020

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Dec 29, 2020

One year ago, Aquatic Adventures was preparing for its 20-year anniversary. Everyone was excited about reaching such an important milestone in our history. Our employees were working hard on planning a celebration, and invitations were going out to o.. Read More

Dispelling The Mysteries Of Online Pricing

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Nov 05, 2020

As a veteran of retail sales, I have sold scuba equipment for three different dive centers over a period of more than 25 years. I was a young instructor when I began, nervous and uncomfortable with asking people to purchase equipment, and a bit annoy.. Read More

We Cancelled The Dive Picnic - See You Next Year

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Jul 31, 2020

Hello, Usually, this is the time of year that we are sending our last push to get you to sign up for our picnic, watching the weather, hoping for a perfect sunny day, collecting the last of prizes, and double-checking our lists so that we can have th.. Read More

Aquatic Adventures Is Open For Business

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Jun 22, 2020

Hello fellow divers, Last month I outlined how Aquatic Adventures was preparing to reopen our business and return to diving following the lifting of Governor Evers’ Stay at Home order. This month I want to report on our progress in restarting o.. Read More

Coronavirus Update May 15

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

May 14, 2020

Hello fellow divers, This week marked several turning points in the Coronavirus Pandemic that have again impacted Aquatic Adventures and our customers. First, Governor Evers’ Stay at Home restrictions were eased early in the week, allowing our .. Read More

May 8 Covid-19 Training Status Update

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

May 07, 2020

Dear Aquatic Adventures Divers, If you are a student at Aquatic Adventures or do local diving, there were several developments this week that could impact you. Here they are: Pearl Lake Opening Delayed A friend from Pearl Lake contacted me this week .. Read More

Thoughts On Emerging From The Coronavirus Lockdown

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Apr 28, 2020

My fellow divers, Several years ago, I was conducting a beginning scuba class at Pearl Lake in South Beloit, Illinois, for some university students. During the mask removal skill, one student spit out her regulator while trying to clear her mask. I i.. Read More

Safer At Home Order

By Jerry Otte IN Blogs

Mar 26, 2020

Aquatic Adventures Closing COVID-19 "Safer at Home" Order Starts Today At 8 a.m. today (March 25), Governor Evers’ “Safer at Home” order for Wisconsin went into effect. This order requires all businesses deemed non-essenti.. Read More

1-10 of over 18 results