Aquatic Adventures Gas Club

Become a Gas Club Member Today!

The Aquatic Adventures Gas Club is a discount program where customers who purchase compressed gas fills can save 20% on each fill. This savings applies to both air fills and enriched air fills, as well as standard and high pressure fills. Being a member of the Aquatic Adventures Gas Club means you save every time you get your tank filled, regardless of what kind of fill you are looking for.

How do I become a Gas Club Member?

Gas Club membership requires placing a $100 balance on an Aquatic Adventures Gift Card for the purpose of paying for fills. When you make your original investment in the Aquatic Adventures Gift Card, let the cashier know that the purchase is for Gas Club membership. The cashier will mark your customer record, and from that point forward, you will receive 20% off on any fill provided you use your Aquatic Adventures Gift Card to pay for the fill.

What Gas Fills can I get at Aquatic Adventures?

Eligible fills for Gas Club members include the following:

  • All air fills
  • All Enriched Air Nitrox 32% fills
  • All Enriched Air Nitrox custom blends (blends other than 32%)
  • Paintball fills
  • Oxygen fills

Will my gas Club Membership at Aquatic Adventures Expire?

To retain your membership in the Aquatic Adventures Gas Club, all you need to do is make an additional contribution of $50 or more once the balance on the card needs to be refreshed. Then continue using the card as you did before.

IMPORTANT: Aquatic Adventures reserves the right to modify the terms of Gas Card membership without notice. No other products or services other than those described here apply to this program. Aquatic Adventures Gift Cards can be used toward the purchase of any other products we sell. However, Aquatic Adventures will not honor discounts connected to this program when less than $50 is applied to the card for purposes of buying fills.