Rent Scuba Equipment from Aquatic Adventures…

Rent scuba equipment from a dive center you can trust. Aquatic Adventures prides itself in having high quality, properly maintained equipment suitable for your next dive. If you have rented from us before, just give us a call at 262-938-6827, and we can have your equipment pulled and ready to go when you arrive.

*** Due to the Coronavirus pandemic Aquatic Adventures will not be renting masks, or snorkels until further notice.***


Item Price
Rental of Full Equipment Set (Day or Weekend)
Includes a wetsuit, BCD, regulator, tank, weights, and a bag.
Personal Gear Rental Set (Day or Weekend)
Includes a mask, snorkel, pair of boots, and fins.

**Extended length rental packages are available at a discount upon request**

Individual Rental Item


Personal Gear Daily Weekly
Mask $12.50 $25.00
Snorkel $8.50 $17.00
Fins $14.00 $28.00
Boots $10.00 $20.00
Full Face Snorkel Mask 21.00 42.00


Life Support Daily Weekly
BCD (weight integrated) $20.00 $40.00
Regulator With Dive Computer $30.00 $60.00
Dive Computer $20.00 $40.00
Weight (Lead Per Pound) $0.50 $1.00


Exposure Protection Daily Weekly
Wetsuit (7mm John & Jacket) $15.00 $30.00
Dry Suit Package (Dry Suit certification required)
Includes undergarment, boots, inflator hose, fins)
$55.00 $160.00
Hood $5.00 $10.00
Gloves $5.00 $10.00


Cylinders Daily Weekly
Tank – 80 or 63 cf Aluminum* $15.00 $30.00
Tank – 100 cf Steel* $18.00 $36.00
Tank – 80 cf Aluminum with EAN 32% (Nitrox certification required)* $22.00 $44.00
Tank – 100 cf Steel with EAN 32% (Nitrox certification required)* $32.00 $56.00


Cameras Daily Weekly
Underwater Flash Kit $20.00 $40.00
Digital Camera $50.00 $150.00


Miscellaneous Daily Weekly
Dive Flag $10.00 $18.00
Underwater Flashlight $10.00 $20.00
Full Face Scuba Mask $50.00 $150.00
Underwater Metal Detector $150.00 N/A


*Weekly Tank rentals include only the first fill. Enriched Air blends other than 32% are available upon request at an additional charge.

**All prices are subject to change without notice**