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Enriched Air Gas Blending
The DSAT Gas Blender course provides hands-on training in blending enriched air nitrox gases using two or more blending methods. The course is divided into five knowledge development sessions and three practical application labs.

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This course is not designed to replace blending equipment specific training required by manufacturers of gas blending equipment.

The DSAT Gas Blender course result in the PADI Tec Gas Blender certification. Those interested the Tec Trimix Blender should call Aquatic Adventures at (262) 938-6827 to discuss current costs and options.

What the Course Covers

The Gas Blender course will train you blend appropriate gas mixes for divers using enriched air nitrox appropriate for the diver's certification.

You will learn the physical properties of oxygen, its associated hazards, handling requirements, and what cleaning equipment is necessary. Finally, you will learn the five methods of obtaining the desired enriched air nitrox mix and the various methods used to obtain proper helium mixes.

During the three practical application labs for this course, you will learn oxygen cleaning, as well as blending procedure, calculations, and methods. You will blend or assist in blending at least five times to an accuracy of an analyzed oxygen content within one percent of the desired blend.

Class Schedule

Our class schedule generally includes:

  • Five knowledge development sessions covering oxygen, oxygen cleaning, oxygen compatible air, gas blending methods, and blending helium mixes
  • Tec Gas Blending Exam
  • Three practical labs covering gas blending calculations, oxygen cleaning, and enriched air blending


Prerequisites for taking the DSAT Gas Blender course include:

  • Be a PADI Enriched Air Diver (or qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Be at least 18 years old

What's Included in the Course Fee

Our course fee includes the following:

  • DSAT Gas Blender Manual
  • Five knowledge development sessions conducted under the direction of an experienced PADI Gas Blending instructor
  • DSAT Gas Blender certification fee
  • Use of cleaning and blending equipment appropriate for the course

Note: Trimix blending is available for an additional fee depending on the availability of helium. This fee varies depending on the current market price of helium. Call Aquatic Adventures at (262) 938-6827 to discuss current availability.

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