• Try Snorkeling

Try Snorkeling

Learn how to explore the aquatic world from above with our Discover Snorkeling course. Enjoy watching life below the surface and confidently snorkel above the bustle below you. Book a Discover Snorkeling class today! In this course you will learn:

  •     Snorkeling and skin diving techniques
  •     How to check your buoyancy
  •     Surface swimming best practices
  •     How to clear water form your snorkel
  •     How to perform effortless surface dives
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In order to participate in this class you must:

  •     Be 8 years old or older
  •     Have adequate swimming skills and comfort in the water
  •     Complete the Discover Snorkeling / Skin Diving liability form
  •     No snorkeling experience necessary!

Our course fee includes the following:

  •     Try snorkeling in a Pool
  •     Pool entrance fee
  •     Use of all equipment needed to snorkel

What You Need to Bring:

  •     Swimming suit and towel

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