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Underwater Navigator

Know Where You are Going
Have you ever been lost underwater? Would you like to be more confident in your ability to return to the shore or boat after your dive? If you are interested in improving your ability to use a compass or to fine-tune your underwater observation skills, then the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course is for you.

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It doesn’t take many open water dives before you realize that knowing where you are and where you’re going makes a big difference in how much fun you have. Navigating underwater builds confidence and puts you in control of your dive plan, helps you save energy on your dive, makes dive planning more effective, keeps buddies together, and reduces your air consumption.

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What the Course Covers

In the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course, you will learn various methods of estimating distances as well as how to use a compass and natural navigation to ensure you return to the boat or shore safely.

During your training, you will do 3 open water dives. You will learn:

  • The benefits of mastering underwater navigation
  • The six natural references that commonly help divers navigate underwater
  • How to maintain an accurate heading underwater
  • How to use permanent shore landmarks to fix and relocate an underwater site
  • Which tools and instruments can help you navigate underwater


What’s Included in the Course Fee

Our course fee includes the following:

  • PADI Specialty manual
  • One classroom session
  • Three open water dives
  • PADI Specialty certification fee
  • Use of tanks and weights

What’s Not Included

  • We do not include the following dive equipment. You will need to own a compass, an underwater pencil, an underwater flashlight, and a dive knife for this course. If you do not own the necessary dive equipment you can purchase it at Aquatic Adventures.
  • We do not include course DVDs. Most PADI specialties require you to view a video. Check with one of our training consultants by calling (262) 938-6827 to find out if this course requires you to view a DVD. If so, you can elect to purchase a DVD from Aquatic Adventures or come to the store to watch the video prior to your classroom session or open water dives.
  • We do not include personal gear (mask, snorkel, boots, and fins) as you should have purchased these items during your Open Water Diver course. There is a student discount on purchasing these items when you buy from Aquatic Adventures if you do not own them. See our How to Purchase Mask, Snorkel, Fins page for more information or calls us at (262) 938-6827.
  • We do not include basic life support equipment. If you do not own your own wetsuit or dry suit, regulator, or BCD, we do provide a discounted student rate for you to rent these items. Ask your training consultant at the time of registration what these rates will be. Standard rental rates can be found on this website on our Rent Scuba Equipment page.
  • We do not include entrance fees to dive sites. This includes but is not limited to park entrance fees, travel, charters, or parking fees as these fees can vary and are not under our control.

For more information on the benefits of taking PADI Specialty courses, see Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Diver Education.

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