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Jerry Otte   Feb 01, 2021

GET WET! Newsletter - February 2021









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Welcome to the GET WET! February 2021 Newsletter. Your diving and snorkeling update from Aquatic Adventures.

Take Scuba Online this Winter

Don't let COVID and the cold keep you from reaching your goals! We have a long list of virtual classes available this winter. Check out our virtual classes page to see how you can improve your scuba, meet new divers and learn more about our great sport.





Merriam-Scuba Dictionary Word

"Overhead Environment” -Noun

  1. Any situation where there is an object blocking a straight route upward to the surface.
  2. Ice diving, cave diving, diving inside of a shipwreck

Products of the Month

Computer Diving Specialist

Interested in knowing more about dive computers? Most divers use dive computers on every dive, yet many do not understand why they are safer than standard tables or how they really work. Learn the history of dive computers, decompression theory and why you need a computer on every dive in this comprehensive PADI specialty.

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ExoWear is perfect to layer with your standard thermal protection and is designed for multi-sport use. OMNIRED™ Infrared Technology in the fabric converts your outbound body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your body for thermal warmth. 3-Layer fabric protects from the harshest elements with materials that are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and anti-microbial.






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Get on a Lake Michigan Charter!

Explore Lake Michigan with Aquatic Adventures! Our 2021 Lake Michigan charter schedule is available on our Charters Page. We have dives scheduled with skill levels from beginner to advanced. Sign up now to ensure you have a spot to enjoy the best scuba diving in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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