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Visit Bonaire

Visit Bonaire: Welcome to Diver’s Paradise In January 2017 Aquatic Adventures will visit Bonaire for the first time in several years. Having been to Bonaire and its close neighbor Curacao many times, I was asked by the staff to write a blog to share a few thoughts about this amazing little island. Geography and Weather Bonaire is one of three islands off the northern coast of Venezuela known as the ABC islands. Moving from west to east, the ABCs include Aruba, Curacao, […]

Livin’ it up on the Aqua Cat

SHARK! For some people hearing the cry “Shark!” is probably frightening. For those of us who dived the Aqua Cat this January, the cry of “Shark!” was a jubilant call to come to the deck to see what awaited us on the next dive. As some of our friends out in Diving Land know, Aquatic Adventures has been diving with the crew of the Aqua Cat since its inaugural year 15 years ago. Our bi-annual trek to the Bahamas has, […]

Why I Hate Warm Water Weenies

Ever hear a diver brag, “I only dive warm water” as though it is a badge of honor? I’m not sure why, but every time I hear that line I want to put some chum in the person’s BCD for the next shark dive. I guess it’s because these people seem to think that they are better than the rest of us for being particular about where they dive. But mostly, I despise how they try to cheat other divers […]

Caverns of the Yucatan

Have you ever been spelunking? No, that’s not the German word for the joy you feel driving a German automobile. Spelunking is the pastime of exploring cave systems. If you have ever set foot in a cave, you have already experienced the incredible sensation of entering an alien, underground world. It is a world of beautiful rock formations, known as speleothems to cavers, which appear as if the very rock was a liquid that flowed from the ceilings and floors until suddenly frozen by […]