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Beginning Scuba – Part 5

After a lot of help from Jenny and Ben, two of Aquatic Adventures’ instructors, I was able to complete the pool training for my Open Water certification. I took a lot longer than the one weekend most people complete pool training in, but that was okay since I began the class in February and I couldn’t do my check out dives until the lakes thawed out. Jerry, my instructor, would not take me to Pearl Lake, where we did the check […]

A Day in the Life of a Diver : Becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer Part 3

We arrived at the store several hours before the Instructor Exam (IE) so that the Sea Experience staff could go through our paper work and do a gear check. After ensuring all of our IE paperwork was completed and all our gear was loaded up, we packed up and drove out to Nova University where our test and presentations would take place. We entered in the classroom and the examiner informed us on how the IE would play out. Day […]

Meet Jenny Otte – Dive Professional

This month we want you to meet Jenny Otte. Jenny is our Dive Center Manager here at Aquatic Adventures and one of our many amazing women divers that work hard in and out of the water.  If you have visited Aquatic Adventures, Jenny’s big smile is the one you normally see. Jenny has been the Dive Center Manager for almost two years and never thought this is where diving would take her. She started diving her senior year of high school. Her […]

Women’s Dive Month at Aquatic Adventures

This July we are celebrating spectacular women divers. Some people have the misguided idea that scuba diving is a “male sport.” This has been a long running theme, so in 2015 PADI held the first ever Women’s Dive Day. This event was celebrated in 65 different countries across all seven continents. Men and women alike spent the day diving in tribute to the contributions women have made to this amazing sport. This year PADI picked July 16 as the second annual Women’s Dive Day. Historically women have […]