• Coral Reef Conservation Diver

Coral Reef Conservation Diver

The AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course is designed to inform you about the world’s coral reefs. As a scuba diver, the beauty of aquatic ecosystems is often what makes a good dive. Learn more about coral reefs and how you can help protect them is this informative PADI specialty by signing up today!

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A beautiful underwater environment comes from healthy reefs. Take the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation class to become aware of the fragileness of coral reefs and how you can help preserve them.

What The Course Covers

The AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course teaches you about the vital role of coral reefs in the marine environment. It will also familiarize you with the current state of the world's coral reefs and how you can help. In this class you will learn:

  • How coral reefs function
  • About the Project AWARE Foundation
  • How coral reefs function
  • Why they are so important
  • Why many reefs are in serious trouble
  • What you can do to prevent further decline
  • All about the Project AWARE manual - visit the Project AWARE Foundation to download your copy today


There are no prerequisites for this class! Divers, snorkelers, and anyone who loves the water will benefit from taking this class.

Since fish life and coral reefs go hand in hand, it also makes sense to learn about fish identification with the PADI Fish ID course. You may also want to brush up on your underwater photography skills so that you can document and capture images of the conditions of the reefs and species you’re encountering.

Take Action

For more information on how you can help save our reefs, lakes, and oceans visit the links below:

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