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The Oceanic Atmos BCD is a feature rich BCD with a hybrid style bladder designed for comfort. This jacket style BCD has a tapered design that allows the wing to keep its shape even when diving with little air. A large handle is built into the backplate to easily transport your kit.

The Oceanic Atmos BCD has a rear-inflation bladder which enables the air to shift from the back to the sides. This provides the maximum amount of lift to help keep you properly orientated on or below the surface. With 30 lbs of lift dispersed between 20 lbs of integrated weight and 10 lbs of trim weights, the Oceanic Atmos BCD also allows ideal weight distribution.

A padded backplate with lumbar support is one of many added comforts for the Oceanic Atmos BCD. This BCD also comes with two large zippered pockets, knife mounting grommets and an adjustable depth compensating cummerbund. The Oceanic Atmos BCD is also built with three easily accessible dump valves to provide optimal buoyancy control.

The Oceanic Atmos BCD is perfect for both beginning and advanced divers. Get yours today!


Key Features

  • Comfortable and stable design
  • Hybrid rear-inflation bladder enables air to shift
  • Padded backplate
  • Two large zippered pockets
  • Six rubber pads on the tank plate to keep the tank from sliding

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