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Mares Prestige


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The new Mares Prestige SLS BCD offers durability and comfort at an affordable price. Unlike many entry level BCDs, the Mares Prestige SLS BCD is constructed with heavy-duty Cordura to ensure years of hard use. In addition, the secure jacket-style design and padded shoulder straps provide a higher level of comfort than many BCDs costing hundreds more.

The Prestige SLS BCD also features the patented Mares “Slide and Lock System” (SLS). This weight system includes a sturdy zippered pocket that slides into the BCD with ease. A visual aid is integrated into the weight system and turns green when the pocket has been secured properly. Best of all, the pockets work easily even when you are using gloves.

The new Mares Prestige SLS BCD is also lighter and more travel friendly than prior Prestige BCDs. It comes equipped with 2 stainless steel D-rings and 4 heavy duty technopolymer D-rings. Swiveling buckles, padded shoulder straps and a low-cut aircell improve the fit of the new Prestige.

Finishing things out, the Prestige SLS BCD is equipped with the Ergo Low-Pressure Inflate/Deflate system as well as self-draining zip pockets. The Prestige SLS also has grommets designed for the Mares knife collection.

Leave the ordinary behind and order your Mares Prestige SLS today.


Key Features

  • Improved design over the classic Prestige BCDs make the Prestige SLS more comfortable and secure
  • Available in two colors for most sizes: Blue and White
  • The Ergo inflate/deflate control is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hand
  • Built in Slide and Lock System (MRS) for secure loading of integrated weights
  • Two easily accessible pockets for trim weights

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