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Part Number:421400BXBKGR Manufacturer: Mares COLOR:

The Mares Star Mask is created specifically for spearfishing and freediving, offering a better field of vision paired with the smallest possible volume.

The Mares Star Mask has a super low profile. The silicone used on the mask skirt help limit fogging, and the dual-button ergonomic buckles make it easy to adjust the strap. The Mares Star Mask will give you clear, comfortable vision allowing you to focus on your diving.

The Mares Star mask is a low profile mask thanks to the angled lenses and extremely reduced eye-lens distance, making this mask an excellent choice for freediving or spearfishing. The lenses are close to the eyes resulting in a better field of view, and the low profile buckles are easy to adjust yet stay out of your way.

Made with patented LiquidSkin bi-silicone technology, this mask is comfortable and perfect for any kind of freediving.


Key Features

  • Lenses are closer to the eyes
  • Available with LiquidSkin option
  • Low profile buckles
  • Angled lenses
  • Increased field of vision

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