DT 50 WING (50lbs)

DT 50 WING (50lbs)


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Part Number:208.1254.052 Manufacturer: Hollis

The Hollis DT50 Wing features a 360 degree tapered profile for heavier cylinders, to increase lift towards the hips, promoting better horizontal trim in dive postion while still allowing perfect surface floation. The DT50 is focused on the dedicated drysuit diver.

Th Hollis DT50 Wing has a bladder with a two-piece design. It is constructed with a rugged 1680 Cordura nylon outer shell to prevent abrasion and punctures. The inner bladder is constructed on 420-denier nylon. The lower OPV is easy to reach for venting gas while horizontal or heads down, and the inflator design is a K style with a rugged crushproof rubber hose for easy postioning and oral inflation.

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