Specialty Classes

For The Beginner

Boat Diver Whether you have never made a boat dive or have logged dozens, the PADI Boat Diver specialty course ... Find Out More

Digital Underwater Photographer Diving Behind a Camera The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer specialty course is one of the mo... Find Out More

Dry Suit Diver Tired of being wet and cold after a dive? Want to stay warm even on very deep dives? Or are you inte... Find Out More

Enriched Air Diver Are you looking for a way to extend your bottom time, reduce your surface intervals, and increase th... Find Out More

Peak Performance Buoyancy Learn to Master Your Buoyancy Skills Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba diver... Find Out More

For The Adventurer

Coral Reef Conservation Diver The AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course is designed to inform you about the world’s... Find Out More

Propulsion Vehicle Diver DPVs offer a thrilling way to cover a large area of lakes and oceans in a short period of time. They... Find Out More

Equipment Specialist Interested in knowing how to save a dive with a quick in the field fix of your scuba equipment? Look... Find Out More

Night Diver Experience Underwater Night Life If you want to experience unique marine life and learn techniques ... Find Out More

Project Aware Specialist Aquatic Environmental Awareness Project AWARE's philosophy is to mobilize a global force of scu... Find Out More

Underwater Navigator Know Where You are Going Have you ever been lost underwater? Would you like to be more confident in... Find Out More

For The Explorer

Advanced Dive Theory Beyond the Diving Basics Interested in knowing more about careers in diving, how diving equipment w... Find Out More

Computer Diving Specialist Interested in knowing more about your dive computer and how it works? Today's divers use dive co... Find Out More

Deep Diver Diving to the Limits If you are a diver who dreams of going where few have gone before, sign up for... Find Out More

Full Face Mask Diver Diving with a Full Face Mask Would you like to be able to breathe through your nose when you are di... Find Out More

Ice Diver If unique and challenging scuba dives appeal to you, then the PADI Ice Diver Specialty course may be... Find Out More

Search And Recovery Diver Find What You are Looking For Have you ever dropped something off a dock? Has someone you know drop... Find Out More

Self-Reliant Diver While we always recommend diving with a buddy, there are reasons for an experienced diver to develop... Find Out More

Sidemount Diver Learn Tank Configurations Find a new and different way to configure your cylinders with the PADI Si... Find Out More

Underwater Metal Detecting Expanding Your Search and Recovery Skills Are you ready to expand the skills you learned in the PAD... Find Out More

Wreck Diver Experience History There is something enticing about the thought of exploring a shipwreck. Somethin... Find Out More

For The Traveler

Drift Diver Riding the Current Travel with Aquatic Adventures and discover how to use ocean currents to glide a... Find Out More

Fish Identification Have you ever wondered what type of fish you are looking at underwater? Or perhaps you have had to a... Find Out More

Underwater Naturalist Take the PADI Underwater Naturalist specialty class and learn to look closer and see more on your ne... Find Out More